Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
CMR believes that blockchain technology is the future and that ICO funding is the best way of crowd funding.
CMR is founded in the Netherlands.
CMR helps other parties to create a token through an ICO. It asks up to a 5% fee in tokens for this consultancy.
Underlying tokens will be stored in the CMR wallet.
CMR coins are fully tracable and also the underlying portfolio of coins is visible at all times.
Questions about CMR coin
The CMR coin is a coin that gives the holders the right on the coins that are in the underlying portfolio. This portfolio consists of other coins issued in ICO's that CMR consulted.
You can easily buy CMR coin by clicking on the following link buy CMR
Once the private ledges is finished you can log in and trade your CMR coins agains the underlying portfolio. Trading starts September 2018
The coins that are in the portfolio and also the exchange rate of CMR coins for each of the underlying coin will be shown in the private ledger of CMR, accessible on the trading platform on September 2018
Questions about the ICO
There will be a maximum of 335.000.000 CMR sold in the ICO. The owners will keep 15.000.000 CMR. There will never be more than 350.000.000 CMR coins made
People selected for the pre-launch will receive an undisclosed bonus.